The Great Divide

3 Hours
80 Pax

Emails, conference calls, instant messaging, meetings, memos, texts, video calls… The list goes on and on. People are constantly trying to communicate with each other, so it’s kind of ironic how terrible we are at it. You can find communication issues in almost any business you look at. This causes a negative impact on morale, productivity and interdepartmental working relationships and more often than not leads to permanent detriment to the company. This session is designed for the specific outcome of highlighting the role and importance of effective communication and collaboration within teams and the direct effect that it has on projects.

1 How it works

The Great Divide is a facilitated session where attendees work together in teams to construct a bridge using material supplied to them. After a short brief on how the session will work, the attendees are divided into teams which are then split in half and a dividing cloth is put in between them so that they cannot see each other. Each team then has to communicate with their counter part, using only words how they are going to use the materials given to them to each build their half of the team’s bridge. After their allotted time is up we drop the cloth for a big reveal of how close or similar they have managed to make their bridge. We then give them a very limited amount of time to join it in the middle, the better their communication throughout the project is the easier and more structurally sound this final step will be. Then we test the structural integrity by driving a remote control car over the bridge, adding weights to see how much it can support. We then do a short debrief of the lessons learnt and how to apply them to every day business.

2 Outcomes / Lessons

This session is a practical representation of why we need to communicate effectively, break down silos, manage our resources effectively and work to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. In true 21Tanks style we have an absolute blast while doing it.