Rube Goldberg Machine

2.5 Hours
30 – 300 Pax

Cause. Effect. Roles. Responsibilities. Nothing binds people to their purpose (and each other) faster than making them build a massive moving machine together.

1 What to expect

Frustrating by design, fun by implementation, this session has attendees work in teams to ‘build a working machine’ using supplied materials. Groups are split in teams responsible for their specific zones of the machine and each zone must ensure a linear ‘transfer of energy’ from one zone to the next, whether it’s a ball rolling or a bucket swinging; all with no human intervention.

2 Outcomes / Lessons

Each team gets a real demonstration of the value of each part to the whole. Groups also learn that thinking innovatively is what gets you ahead, fast. It’s about everyone working together to achieve one goal and results can be linked to an event theme: think champagne being poured into glasses for success or popping balloons with your competitors’ colours. We could even launch someone from a cannon if you’d like (budget and medical aid scheme-dependent).