Perspective Lab

3 – 4 Hours
2 – 8 Pax

If your team’s pushing out more vanilla than a soft serve machine, the problem isn’t a lack of knowledge; it’s a lack of perspective. The Lab mixes your expertise with our attitude, stirs in a little debate and cooks up the perfect recipe for progress.

1 What to expect

A facilitated session conducted by Missing Link members and your team (a maximum of 8 people). Using our own problem-solving methodology, we deconstruct the issue using information you’ve provided. Together we build the pieces up again and create the concept or strategy from there.

2 Outcomes / Lessons

An interactive session resulting in a maelstrom of ideas crafted to fulfil your objective. You’ll get a post-event “Autopsy” strategy doc that outlines the plans, tactics and processes to ensure all the concepts are effectively executed.