``No such thing as a free lunch`` lunch

2 Hours
2 Pax

Forget complimentary coffees and power brunches – there’s really No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Which is why Missing Link runs a semi-structured session over a meal with one or two of your team members (in total) at a table for four, with one key objective: to solve a specific problem for you.

1 What to expect

Because all data is good data, we will distribute a Discovery Document, online, for all members of the session to complete before the event. This helps us gain insights into each individual’s position on your specific objective and your team dynamics. Over a hearty feast, we cover the objectives, constraints and ideas to solve the problem you’re facing.

2 Outcomes / Lessons

The session gets wrapped up neatly in a Chinese take-away box with our signature NSTAAFLL cards. The cards contain all the information from the session, including the answers to your original objective.