Domino Effect

1 – 2 Hours
50 Pax

The Domino Effect is a quick, fun session which gets your team building a length of dominoes through your office space, connecting teams and groups who may be situated far from each other. It’s fun, engaging and has everyone on edge making sure that their part of the effect goes off without a hitch (much like they do every day in the office).

1 What to expect

Apart from the obvious long line of dominoes strewn through your office (all collected by our team once the session is done) each member of the team writes specific notes on allocated colour-coded blocks (great phrases about the organisation, culture, etc.), which will be collected, collectively mounted on a frame and delivered to you to place in the building.

2 Outcomes / Lessons

On the day: A fun, energised team. After the event: A mounted board with the team phrases/pledges collectively included.