Weapons of Mass Construction.

We could tell you that we "deliver tailor-made solutions for our clients' strategies to define growth to increase market performance" or that we're "a trusted advisor and counselor to many of the world's most influential businesses", but that would just be flaky.*

Qualified: Right up front, we make sure that the problem is actually the problem. That may sound silly, but you won’t believe how often you think something is wrong, when, after delving deeper, it’s something completely different. When we find that, that’s our objective.

Deconstructive: You need to know what tools you have before you build something. Together with our clients, we deconstruct each problem, working through all the tools (objectives, constraints, processes) until we have one helluva toolbox.

Facilitation: Well that’s how it all gets done. Facilitated by us, from start to finish, we take the problem, the tools, the toolbox, and start the construction. High-level QDFs are run for EXCOs, GMs and, for the most part, senior leadership. Next-level strategic QDFs are run for other areas of organisations.

* Any similarity to content spewed by multi-national consultancies is 100% on purpose.