Tap into the 21Tanks Brain Trust.

Our Team

  • Richard Mulholland

    21Tanks (co-founder)

    A guy, some tattoos and a big mouth Website
  • Don Packett

    21Tanks (co-founder)

    Perspective merchant, MC, phenomenawesomeer Website

Our Brain Trust

  • Brad Shorkend

    Urban Everest Lateral Thinking (Chief Agitator & Thought Provoker)

    Brad builds businesses, lots of businesses… either his own ventures or his client’s. He pushes buttons, pisses people off, creates awareness, facilitates decision making and implementation of sustainable and meaningful action. Website
  • Brendan Jack

    Wolfgang Productions

    Brendan is a writer, performer, producer, director, voice artist and outsourced creative director (OCD). He creates digital video campaigns and wrote the satirical marketing novel, Empire: How to Succeed with Nothing but Passion, Great Ideas and a Wealthy Family Website
  • Craig Rodney

    Cerebra (MD)

    Dropped on his head as a baby, he now has a rather interesting view on the world, life and business. His ideas will challenge you and maybe make you cry. Website
  • Deborah Ashdown

    Youthworx Wellness Centre

    Director of Youthworx Wellness Centre which specialises in treating children, adolescents, young adults and their families. Youthworx is made up of a dynamic team of professionals comprising of Clinical Psychologists, Social Workers and a Consulting Psychiatrist. Website
  • Eric Brown

    Ingenuity Unlimited (CEO)

    When performance is an imperative.
  • Erik Vermeulen

    Leader Motivation Systems (CEO)

    Erik’s an expert when it comes to employee and consumer behavior and he’s most at home facilitating strategy, alignment workshops and speaking on motivation and marketing trends. In his spare time he practices full-contact origami. Website
  • Farid Essack

    Crossbolt (Troubleshooter)

    Professional project manager and entrepreneur with experience in taking technology products to market. Website
  • Heidi Patmore

    Stellaris Marketing Consulting  (Marketing Consultant)

    Heidi consults to a variety of businesses on digital marketing and social media solutions. Website
  • Howard Mann

    Brickyard Partners Inc. (Founder)

    Howard has a proven track record and reputation for excellence as a business turnaround specialist, strategist and interim CEO. He also coaches CEO’s and executives to realize their greatest potential and is the author of the acclaimed book, Your Business Brickyard. Website
  • Ian Rodney

    Cerebra (Head of PR)

    Ex-hospitality slave and current customer experience evangelist who, when not busy trying to commit awesomeness by helping companies with their public personas and reputations, spends his time traveling, taking photos and fly-fishing. Website
  • John Sanei

    The Fresh Ingredient  (Owner / Strategic Business Fundi)

    We help our clients strategise, implement, operate and market their businesses with the new consumer habits in mind in other words helping businesses become post recession “fit”. Website
  • John Thompson

    Action Learning Coach

    A research social anthropologist turned corporate animal with Nampak, Dow Chemical and Standard Bank and now an action learning coach. Website
  • John Vlismas

    Whacked Management (Owner)

    John is a writer, director, stand-up comedian and promoter. He’s the  owner and Director of Whacked Management and Co-Owner of Virus Communications. Website
  • Malcolm Phillips

    Event Design

    Started as a backdrop painter/props maker and somehow slid bum first in the proverbial butter of the eventing industry, where he managed on site staff for corporate functions. He has since helped launch a couple of event based companies. Website
  • Maxwell Cohen

    Student / Medic

    Max has been saving lives since the age of 16. When he’s not at school, you’ll find him working through the night as a BAA/BLS Medic. He’s smart and probably one of the most ambitious 18 year olds you’ll ever meet Website
  • Mike Stopforth

    Cerebra (CEO)

    Entrepreneur, writer and speaker who helps companies extract value from Web trends and technologies to create smarter, more profitable businesses. Website
  • Motheo Moleko

    Musician. Writer. Professional black guy.

    We can always count on Mo’ for adding a unique and honest perspective to what we’re working on. He’s young, but wise. We love him. Website
  • Oran Cohen

    Brand Your Genius (Executive Imagineer)

    Oran assists individuals and organization to Uncover and Discover their Genius and turn it into a Product or a Service creating more Genius in our world. Website
  • Ricc Webb

    1000heads (Innovation Director)

    Fascinated with  innovation, social media, marketing and creativity, Ricc believes in two very important things: Everything in life comes down to sales, and ideas are worthless unless someone actually brings them to life. Website
  • Roy Blumenthal

    The Easel Empire (Chief Stylus-Wielder)

    Roy is a contrarian maverick multidisciplinary artist who used to be a heavyweight advertising copywriter, and who now performs as a human replacement for PowerPoint. Website
  • Ryan Lorraine Cooper

    Clinical Psychologist

    Ryan’s philosophy in life: ‘There are two primary conditions in life, to accept things as they are or to accept the responsibility for changing them.’
  • Scott Gray

    Quirk (Head of Planning)

    Creative generalist with an insatiable appetite for all things digital. Website
  • Tanya Stevens

    Clear (Owner)

    Executive Coach and business consultant with substantial business and entrepreneurial experience. Website
  • Tasos Calantzis

    Terrestrial  (CEO)

    Tasos helps people design a better future for themselves, their organisations and society. Website
  • Thabang Skwambane

    The Lonely Road / Kaelo

    Thabang is the Founder and Chairman of The Lonely Road Foundation and Co-founder of Health and Wellness firm, Kaelo. Website
  • Vic Schwikkard

    Team Dynamics

    Vic specialises in getting teams to focus on their own strengths to optimise their abilities in the field of Service and Sales, as well as creating the environment to enhance existing and new products with features and benefits.
  • Weili Kuo

    Widgetize (Owner)

    Weili is the mad genius who developed Color Focus and could probably program a Transformer if the world depended on it. We are 74.5% sure that he is a cyborg and for some mysterious reason, he is not allowed into certain parts of the Ukraine. All we know is, he’s the best programmer we know. Website