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3 Sep 2013

Cockamamie ideas

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  Definition: cockamamie |ˈkɒkəˌmeɪmi|(also cockamamy ) adjectiveN. Amer. informal ridiculous; implausible: a cockamamie theory.   I haven’t heard this word in a long time, I was reminded of it when Don called some of the ideas that we proposed to a client exactly that, “cockamamie”. Now, most of us agree that it’s a super fun word to say, and it’s […]

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21 Aug 2013

Working with Elon Musk, what is it like?

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Elon Musk has once again been causing a stir, most recently with the announcement of his Hyperloop design, which is pretty rad I must say! Seeing his name all over the net got me thinking about the people behind him, making things work,  making things happen- what must it be like to work for Elon? I […]

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