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27 Mar 2014

Do Ideas: Mandy de Waal- Write a Better Life

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In “Write a better life” Mandy de Waal lets us in on some wisdom she has gained over the years about following your passion and making the changes that need to be made. “If I stayed in a life I loathed I’d eventually die in ‘economy’ class- a life made small by doing what I […]

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17 Sep 2013

5 ways to make sure that your brainstorms don’t suck

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1: Start before the storm  At 21Tanks, pre-discovery is a big part of the process. Once your group is in the room, they become a single unit. You need to get some individual thinking in the mix. Ask three relevant questions to all attendees before the process begins. Get ideas in writing.   2: Get […]

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12 Sep 2013

Do Ideas: Nic Haralambous on all things idea related.

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Nic Haralambous’ opening line in his Do Ideas piece is something that really intrigues me. People are very protective over their ideas. The reason this intrigues me so much is that I can completely understand why you would be so protective over your ideas, obviously you don’t want people to steal them, but on the […]

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