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5 Sep 2013

Do Ideas: Mike Stopforth- Some advice for his twenty-year old self.

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If Mike Stopforthimgres-1 had the opportunity to go back and tell his 20-year old self how to get it done, this is some of the advice he would give himself:

As an early-twenty-er myself, I found this to be highly relevant and overall pretty great advice.

  • Start Facebook-there’s something I’d assume most of us wish had been our brain-child.
  • I would tell my 20-year old self that although he’ll have many ideas, the ability to execute on those ideas (which depends on a careful balance of resource, timing and motivation) will be his sole determinant of success.  Oh the ever elusive balance.
  • Invest more in employees and less in stuff- Even if I don’t have employees of my own at this stage, this just makes sense.
  • I’d tell him not to be afraid of failure, but instead use that adrenaline as fuel for perseverance regardless of the odds.
  • Mike’s last little gem- meet as many diverse and interesting people as possible. The network you build inspires you, enables you and encourages you.

Thank you Mike, points taken. Check out the full article.

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