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6 Feb 2014

Do Ideas: Ken Packett And The Importance Of Habits

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Ken PackettIn his piece in Do Ideas, Ken Packett introduces the importance of forming the right habits. Ken, an engineer, uses the example of an Open Cast Mining Project and highlights the importance of analysing the risks of any project. As Ken says: Even for the smallest idea, make it a mandatory habit to undertake a Risk Assessment before proceeding into the “implementation” phase.

Ah, habits….

During our sessions with clients here at 21Tanks we often talk about habits and the importance of creating the right habits. Once the desired habits have been identified we go through a process of creating tangible actions that can be performed everyday to help create theses habits…and this is where the wheels fall off.


For example: If I ask you “What actions could you take to make ‘being grateful’ a habit?”, what would you list?

You should have something along the lines of:

– Take 5 minutes at the end of the day to think about the things you were grateful for today

– Sit with your family on a Sunday evening and get them to share their grateful moments for the week

– Keep a gratitude journal, simply jot down things that happen that you are grateful for

– Set aside 5 minutes to phone or message your loved ones and let them know they are loved and you are grateful for them.

The important thing about all of these actions is that they are exactly that- actions. They are all specific and measurable and that’s the key to creating a habit.

Whilst Ken’s article focuses largely on the habit of performing risk assessments, he highlights the very tricky, yet vital process of creating lasting habits, something most of us struggle with. So, in closing, remember this- when you want to create a new habit firstly write it down (the importance of this is another article all together) but seriously, write down the habit that you want to create, then step back and think about the specific and measurable actions that you can perform every day to help create that habit.