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20 Mar 2014

Do Ideas: Essential Questions Howard Mann Recommends Asking To Do Ideas

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imgresAuthor of ‘Your Business Brickyard’ Howard Mann asks 4 key questions when he wants to ‘do’ an idea.

1) What is the best measurable result you want to achieve from this project/ task?

2) Is it directly connected to the purpose/ strategic goals of the business?

Howard asks these questions to a) ensure I deliver results and not just create busy work; b) Make sure it’s a project worth doing.

Whilst ‘b’ seems obvious you’d be surprised how easily people get caught up with doing something before stopping to assess whether it has any actual value or before you have truly defined the meaning. As Howard reiterates: You will lose energy as you progress when the meaning is unclear.

Here’s a challenge: Take a look at your task/ to-do list and see how many activities you are working on that are disconnected from the “big picture”. Seriously, give it a try- you’ll probably be surprised.

And here’s some food for thought: Think about all of the projects your organisation has completed that have done little to differentiate the business, drive revenue/ profit or delight a customer.

Once you have answered questions 1 and 2, 3 and 4 will take you that extra step to ensure success;

3) Who is going to do it?

4) When will they commit to getting it done.

One last challenge from Howard: Try it out, ask these questions and see where they get you. 

Go on, we dare you.

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