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9 Jan 2014

Do Ideas: Shaun Edmeston- The Momentum Of Ideas

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Have you ever watched a ball roll down a hill? It starts slowly and gathers momentum, the same applies to ideas.

In “The Momentum of Ideas” a piece in Do Ideas, Shaun Edmeston outlines a 5-point process to follow to ensure that the idea keeps moving.

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1. Look- See what is out there and how you can be the best at doing what you do.

 2. Think- plan.

 3. Build- work the plans into your vision.

4. Execute vigorously- This is where the passion comes into play. Edmeston sums it up well: There is no point in being half hearted at this point, it is time to make things happen.

 5. Check and change- Edmeston’s first and last points sum this up beautifully. Launching is only day one. Perfection is unattainable but the journey will only make you better.


And there it is, if you want to ensure your idea keeps it’s momentum from inception to execution, you now have a plan to follow to see that through.