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12 Sep 2013

Do Ideas: Nic Haralambous on all things idea related.

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Nic Haralambous

Nic Haralambous’ opening line in his Do Ideas piece is something that really intrigues me. People are very protective over their ideas. The reason this intrigues me so much is that I can completely understand why you would be so protective over your ideas, obviously you don’t want people to steal them, but on the flip side you may think you have just thought up sliced bread and what you really need is an outside perspective to give you a little bit of a reality check and point out that perhaps there’s nothing new or unique about your idea. Also talking it through with someone or a few ‘someones’ is the best way  to develop and grow an idea.

We also tend to get very excited about our ideas which is great but what happens to them?  Nic explains: An idea is something that you have in your head. A business is about executing that idea, generating revenue from it and sharing it with the world.  This is where Anthony Nathan said it best : The gap between what you “say” and what you actually “do”, essentially determines your credibility.  And whilst you are doing, as Nic continues, especially if you are doing in a rapidly changing environment then you have to be able to move and shape with the market.

Be sure that you are nimble enough to adapt and not die. 

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