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20 Feb 2014

Do Ideas: Motheo Moleko: The Lands Of How Vs. Why

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Ain’t nothing to it, but to do it, as the saying goes. We all know this, yet we still procrastinate our way through things, adding nothing but more tedium to the task than is ever necessary.  As Motheo Moleko says: ‘You really want the secret to getting it done? There is no secret.’ Motheo’s piece in Do Ideas focuses on the why. I’ve learnt that repeatedly focusing my mind on why I want to execute and not how to execute is the greatest motivator for getting things done.

The Land of How VS. The Land of Why

As Motheo explains- the land of How is where you’ll find every excuse under the sun because anything worthwhile is too great a task to conceptualise in entirety without seeming insurmountable.

On the other hand the land of Why is the place to be. This is where dreams live and your mind will figure out how to overcome the citizens of How insofar as your reasons for getting things done are strong enough. Now this is something I completely understand often in our brainstorms we come up with some ridiculously ‘out-there’ ideas which at first have me going “Oh my shit that’s awesome” but when my voice of reason finally gets a chance to speak it always halts my internal ‘that’s awesome’ parade with a simple- ‘but how could you ever pull that off?’ and so the doubt creeps in. However I fully agree with Motheo, focus on the why and the how will come.

Motheo leaves us with this thought: Find creative ways to remind yourself daily WHY you are doing what you are doing. Do this especially when fear creeps in, or output and motivation plummet. 

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