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16 Jan 2014

Do Ideas: Mark De Leiburne’s Secrets For Turning Ideas Into Reality

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In his piece in Do Ideas Mark De Leiburne shares 3 key insights about turning ideas into reality.

It seems to me that it should be common sense that to be an effective project manager you need to keep your finger on the pulse; but I think De Leiburne hits the nail on the head with- delegation that is a cession of duties…is not true delegation. Thus effective project management is delegation whilst keeping your finger on the pulse.

The next point that De Leiburne raises is work backwards. He adds that this has been one of the best project execution tools for me. He elaborates:  successful planning requires a clear understanding of which the longest lead time elements are and planning backwards from there. This makes perfect sense- map out the project from the end, work backwards identifying what needs to happen and how, how long it will take and where this might cause bottlenecks.

Lastly to be a complete project manager you need to take responsibility for ensuring that other people, stakeholders etc. all complete their actions.  You need to ensure that everyone is performing their roles properly to avoid the project being compromised. As the project manager you need to take ownership of the project and drive it towards completion. This is a key attribute of De Leiburnes project management philosophy.