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23 Jan 2014

Do Ideas: Fred Roed- Fresh Fish

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The moral of this story is simplicity. The man at the centre of the story- a simple fisherman, the idea- a simple change in a 50 year old system, the business- the manifestation of a simple change in ‘tradition’.

This ‘tradition’?…Ok lets start at the beginning. In this article in Do Ideas Fred Roed tells the story of a man named John, a high school friend of Roed’s brother.

 John’s endearing memory of his high school friends? They used to call him “Dumbo” at school. See John wasn’t exactly an academic, and he caught a lot of flack about it. When he left school, without a university entrance, he followed in his father footsteps- he became a fisherman. How then did John come to own a business that, at that time was making over a million a month in revenue; with around 35% of that in profit?

Simple. He bucked an industry trend that had lasted for decades. Instead of doing what all the other fisherman did, which was to sell his fish to a distributor; John went direct to the biggest fish buyers in town…seafood restaurants.


John’s idea was so simple, yet for some reason no one had thought of doing it, no one had ever questioned ‘the way things were done’ thus no one had ever done anything like John before. Roed sums it up nicely: I realised that we business folk are continuously falling into the same old trap: we overcomplicate things.

Before he left, John nodded to his school friends- they don’t call me Dumbo anymore.                                                                  

Check out the full article in Do Ideas here.

Fred Roed

Fred Roed