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18 Feb 2014

Do Ideas: Dr Nick Davey On Keeping It Simple

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The best way to go about getting something done the right way is to do it yourself. We’ve all heard this before and we’ve all witnessed first-hand how true it is, but Dr. Nick Davey points out something pretty key to why this statement is so true- If you try something new, you had the spark and drive to try it, therefore, YOU, more than anyone else, are most likely to be efficient in getting it done.

He then takes his insights a step further; often the simplest explanation or plan makes the most sense. Here at 21Tanks we like to KISS (yes, we’re that kind of company…kidding!) for us KISS means Keep It Simple, Stupid (not half as fun as what you first thought when I said we were KISS fans, but a whole lot more productive, and better for office politics in the long run!).



Problem + Simple Solution= Success.

Dr. Davey keeps the great advice coming- Business (Money) is like a relationship (Love)…. cut out the shit, be real about where you’re going, stay focused on your goals, make the journey enjoyable and if it works, it should work well.

…and that’s not all, but now that I’ve roused your curiosity you can check out the whole article here.